WATCH VIDEO: “When France was on fire, Macron was cheering for Elton John”- Thierry Mariani

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has decided not to attend EU summit and rush home for a crisis meeting, after violent protests continue over a policeman’s k!ll!ng of a teen.

Pic credit- Google images

Paris: France is burning for the last three days. Arson and protests have been a common sight on the streets of the country since the humiliation of a teenage boy. But President Emmanuel Macron was seen enjoying the concert of the most oblivious British singer Elton John. Recently, a police officer had shot a boy on the charges of wrong driving. Only after this the situation in the country is uncontrollable. Because of these, Macron was already on the target of the opponents. But after the arrival of this video, the attitude of the opponents has become more aggressive.

The streets of France are on fire, President Macron was dancing with wife, Anger lashes out

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