Quran Burning Sweden: Quran burnt in front of the mosque, the government told freedom of expression, Islamic countries got angry

Quran Burning Sweden: Quran has been burnt again in a European country. Demonstrations have started in Islamic countries against this incident. All countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan are registering protests.

Quran Burning In Sweden –

The incident of Islamic followers burning the holy book Quran has created panic on the internet. Quran was burnt outside the mosque in Sweden, a country in Europe. In a video that has gone viral on social media, a protester is seen tossing a Quran, burning it and waving a Swedish flag.

The surprising thing is that the Swedish government did not take any action against the protester on the incident of burning the Quran, rather the government allowed it under freedom of expression. Since the incident, followers of Islam religion have been protesting on social media.

This heinous crime, not freedom of expression’

The Foreign Ministry of Turkey issued a statement. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has described the burning of Quran in Sweden as a heinous crime. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan tweeted- “No one can do anti-Islamic demonstrations in the name of freedom of expression. We will not accept this. If a country wants to become our ally by joining NATO, then extremists who are spreading Islamophobia must be brought under control.”

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Muslim World League said – incited the sentiments of Muslims

The statement of the Muslim World League has come on the incident. The statement strongly condemned the incident. League Secretary-General Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Isaan said that this heinous act is going to incite the feelings of Muslims. The guilty should be punished immediately.

Morocco recalled its ambassador –

Apart from Turkey, the Muslim majority country Morocco has also reacted strongly to the incident. Morocco has recalled its ambassador from Sweden in protest against the Quran burning incident. The Moroccan Foreign Ministry also summoned the Swedish diplomat (chargé d’affaires) and said that such incidents cannot be tolerated.

The incident in front of the Stockholm Central Mosque

Let us tell you that this incident took place in front of the Stockholm Central Mosque in Sweden, where on Wednesday a 37-year-old man tore the Quran and set it on fire. This crime was committed in the presence of hundreds of people, many of whom were supporting the burning of Quran. According to CNN, under freedom of expression, this permission was given by the government of Sweden for a one-day demonstration. At the same time, the statement of the PM of Sweden has come on the increase of protest. He said- The police will take a decision on any action in this regard.

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