The streets of France are on fire, President Macron was dancing with wife in a club, Anger lashes out

France Riots News: The streets in the city of France is currently burning in the fire of riots. President Emmanuel Macron is being criticized all over the country. Macron has been seen enjoying Elton John’s concert in a club. After the video surfaced, he is on the target of the opponents.

Paris: The streets of France are on fire for the last three days. Arson and protests have been a common sight on the streets of the country since the humiliation of a teenage boy. But President Emmanuel Macron was seen enjoying the concert of the most oblivious British singer Elton John. Recently, a police officer had shot a boy on the charges of wrong driving. Only after this the situation in the country is uncontrollable. Because of these, Macron was already on the target of the opponents. But after the arrival of this video, the attitude of the opponents has become more aggressive.

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Macron is one of the most popular leaders in the world. Thierry Mariani, leader of Marine Le Pen, said: “When France was on fire, Macron was cheering for Elton John.”  After the video surfaced, people on social media are comparing Macro with Nero, the king of Rome.

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Over 40,000 police on the streets – 

Macron’s video comes at a time when there have been bloody clashes between police and protesters. So far 150 people have been arrested across the country in the riots in France. More than 40,000 police have been deployed on Thursday to quell the protests. Violence erupted after a 17-year-old teenager was shot dead by a police officer. After this incident, night curfew has been imposed in one area of ​​the city. The southwest suburb of Paris, Clamart, announced the curfew in a statement on its website. The statement said the curfew would start at 9 pm and end at 6 am and continue till Monday.

Macron called a meeting –
Macron has called a meeting on Friday after the violence. His office said Macron canceled his trip to Brussels for the meeting. Here Macron had to participate in the European Conference. Meanwhile, the policeman who killed the teenager has apologized to the family while in custody. This has been said on behalf of the police’s lawyer.

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